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Plot #4 -- Owner: Hannibal L. Hamilton

(Obtained before dates were recorded)


Top of drawing is to the east, because the tombstones are on the west side of the plot and this is the natural viewing angle for photographs.

d c b a
Richard Moorehouse

 Jan. 26, 1972 

May 13, 1974


Eloy Hamilton

Aug. 22, 1891

Sept. 16, 1897

Carter Rossen

Oct. 19, 1976

Oct. 21, 1976


2003 Survey:  1. Richard Morehouse; 2. No stone; 3. Eloy; 4. Carter Rossen.

This photo was taken in the late 1990s. Little Eloy's stone is the one to the right of the tree with the lamb on top.  Strictly hearsay:   Richard and Carter were Eloy's Ggrandnephews.  The WALKER stone in the background is in plot #35.

Under Construction

This is a one of a large set of worksheets, used to assemble clues from all available sources and analyze them.  Some are still blank forms, but others combine a 2003 survey with dates from the 1963 and 2000 canvasses.  In a few cases, more accurate dates have been available from another source such as an obituary.  Whenever possible, photos have been included. 

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