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 of  Springvale & Luther Townships 

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This family was White.  Their migration path is not clear, but we do know that they were "from Kentucky". Both Franklin & Thomas Blackerby homesteaded in 25-15N-1W, which was in Springvale Township, Logan County, O.T.  

Descendants of Franklin F. Blackerby


Generation No. 1


1. FRANKLIN F.1 BLACKERBY was born July 1829 in Kentucky, and died Aft. 1900. He married MARY ANN POLLARD Abt. 1852. She was born May 1834 in Kentucky, and died Aft. 1900.



2. i. THOMAS W.2 BLACKERBY, b. August 1867, Kentucky; d. Unknown.


Generation No. 2


2. THOMAS W.2 BLACKERBY (FRANKLIN F.1) was born August 1867 in Kentucky, and died Unknown. He married ELVA L. GOSS December 26, 1891 in Logan Co., O.T., daughter of GEORGE GOSS and MARY GRAY. She was born December 1871 in Kansas, and died Unknown.



i. NINA3 BLACKERBY, b. December 09, 1892; d. December 09, 1892.

ii. ALPHA BLACKERBY, b. October 16, 1895; d. March 20, 1990; m. CALLIE HUFF; b. August 24, 1887; d. September 1964.

iii. GEORGE FRANKLIN BLACKERBY, b. November 18, 1903, Luther, Oklahoma Co, OK; d. May 30, 1987, Wichita Falls, TX; m. LUCY "BLACKERBY"; b. June 20, 1908; d. November 1983, Wichita Falls, TX.

iv. RUTH BLACKERBY, b. Unknown.



Thomas BLACKERBY was born in KY in 1867. 

Both Franklin & Thomas were in Springvale Township by 1890.

Thomas & Elva were married in Logan Co. on Dec. 26, 1891.  We do know that her family came from Michigan Valley, KS, and that her father homesteaded in Section 24, but have no evidence that the two families knew each other earlier. 

The mysterious George W. BLACKERBY had children born in MO during the unaccounted for years, so it is possible that the BLACKERBY's migration path was KY>MO>O.T.


Unsolved Mysteries:

The 1900 census shows that Mary POLLARD BLACKERBY had had six children, two of whom were still living.  We know that Thomas was one of them. Was the other surviving one also in the area? What were the names of the four who had died?

Who was the Henry BLACKERBY who also homesteaded in Section 25-15N-1W?  He appears on the 1890 Directory of Homesteaders, but not on the 1900 census.  

Who was the George W. BLACKERBY who settled only a few miles away in Oklahoma County?  He appears on both the 1890 Directory of Homesteaders and the 1900 census:

1 Blackerby, George W. b: December 1844 in Kentucky d: Aft. 1900

.. +"Blackerby", Eliza A. b: February 1850 in Missouri d: Aft. 1900

......... 2 Blackerby, Fannie b: September 1870 in Missouri

......... 2 Blackerby, Thomas E. b: July 1873 in Missouri

......... 2 Blackerby, Amlet b: July 1885 in Missouri

......... 2 Blackerby, Margie b: September 1889 in Missouri


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