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Last Updated on 10/9/2000
By Sharon McAllister

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Founding Families 

Linked Genealogy Reports &  Researchers' Pages for those  in  the Luther Area during Territorial Days


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Undergoing MAJOR Renovation

The entire database, except for the living, has now been uploaded to WorldConnect, which enables me to manage the information about many more families with considerably less time and effort.  The Family Charts previously-posted here are being converted to researchers' pages, focusing on families that were in the Luther area during Territorial Days.  These pages don't contain all of the extended family and downlines that are in the WorldConnect database but rather are designed to help researchers working on related lines to find each other.  
In the meantime, the Search function and the index below provide access to both old-style family charts and new-style researchers' pages.  To explore the database itself, just click on smc

You can search this site for all references to a full name or surname, which is especially helpful for the Original Homesteaders and the Heads of Household listed on the 1900 census. This will also pick up any tidbits we might have posted about individual family members.

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Or you can jump to our World Connect database smc and use their Search feature to find thousands of individuals for whom nothing has been posted directly to this site.  Ancestors. Descendants. Families we can place in the area between 1889 and 1907 but can't tie to other families.


Using the Index

If Search doesn't turn up the individual you are looking for, please remember that many of the records used are handwritten and some copies are almost unreadable.  Transcription errors are probably quite common.  I use the following index pages in maintaining the links from this site to WorldConnect. They may help you find names transcribed in error or recorded with spelling variations, but some of these pages take a long time to load so our search and that of WorldConnect are better places to start.  



























Who is Indexed?

The Head of the Family. Usually this is a homesteader, early settler, or businessman - but sometimes it is the common ancestor of related ones. 

Some who link the Founding Families by marriage. 

Who is Included in the Reports but not in this Index?

Family members who did not make the move to Oklahoma Territory, those who married outside the community or into families whose pages are not yet ready, and those born after Statehood. The genealogy reports contain many people who do not appear in the table and the WorldConnect database contains thousands more. 

Who is not Included?

Unlike the reference lists, which are as complete as I can make them and thus ready to accept links when family information becomes available, this page is simply a tool I set up for managing the site and am now converting to manage my contact list as well. It should serve as a convenient gateway to the family reports, but it is a work in progress and [by its very nature] unlikely to ever be complete.  There are a number of families whose pages are in queue and simply haven't been included yet


Looking for others who are working with the same lines?  This new page provides both e-mail addresses and links to their web sites.  Still under construction, but I hope to see it grow rapidly.  Jump to Researchers' Page.

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