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"One-size-fits-all" does not apply to search engines, so we've provided several different options.

FreeFind searches the entire site, not just the section you're in.  All Cross-Reference Lists, all sets of Maps, and all of the tidbits and family charts of Sharon's Place.  Plus pages under development that haven't yet been linked to any of the menus.  Because it is spidered immediately after each upload, it almost always accesses the latest material.  It also provides a Site Map that can lead you to any page on the site.  

Read more about the FreeFind search engine and what it can do.

Bring up the Search Window.

Display the Site Map.

The FreeFind Search Panel appears on the pages that serve as gateways to different sections, because a site-specific search is the easiest way to thoroughly explore what's here.  


Search All of RootsWeb

Ceil's Corner is also spidered by RootsWeb's Site Search, which searches all of RootsWeb.  Search Thingy can:

Bring you to Ceil's Corner, directly from RootsWeb itself or any RootsWeb site that uses it, bypassing our Home Page and all other main gateways.  This is great if you wouldn't have found us otherwise, but means you may miss the gateway tips for getting the most out of the material.

Take you back out to RootsWeb, if you find that this is the wrong area to search for your ancestors.

Search all of RootsWeb for you after you've explored the information here and picked up more clues to follow.  Because this is Search Thingy's strong point, we've placed links with this use in mind.

The only catch is that because RootsWeb is spidered by schedule rather than on demand, Search Thingy does not always include the latest additions.  

Go to RootsWeb's Search Thingy.


Search the Entire Web

FreeFind also provides an option to search the entire web, which can be quite useful after exhausting the more detailed spidered links found by the site-specific and RootsWeb-wide searches.  If you want more details and tips for making the most if its features, go to the FreeFind site.  


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