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The purpose of a mailing list is to help us make connections with others who are researching the same line. This page just makes it a bit easier by providing family and geographic links and a directory of our members.

Some of us who belong to this list also have web pages, so this is also gateway to our individual sites. If you have a web site for your COLE line please let me know. Provide the address of your page and a brief summary about your earliest COLE ancestor (similar to the one given below for John Henry COLE. If your line connects with one of the families already posted, also identify the person who is the link between the posted family and your line. Send this information to: Sharon McAllister.




The mailing list archives are now accessible through the RootsWeb Resources system. There, you will also find links to other RootsWeb sites that contain information about MILLIGANs, the RootsWeb Surname List, and a search engine that will help you find the what you need in many databases. It covers any spelling that shares the C400 Soundex code. Go to Cole (C400) at Rootsweb.

 Linked COLE Families

John Henry COLE Mary Lou Lloyd's Page

James Madison, [1813-1856]. For his downline, Sharon McAllister's Page

Minerva [1815-1870]. Married Allen JONES.

Marvel. [1818-?]. For his downline, see Christine Klocko-Cole's Page

Mexico and Minerva moved to Pemiscot Co., MO. James Madison and Marvel lived in the old Crystal community in Obion Co., TN.


Area Studies

We can often determine that our COLEs lived in a specific area during a certain time, but find it difficult to distinguish their records from those of other COLE families living nearby. Those of us working with common names like William and Stephen find this especially frustrating, but comparing notes with someone else who's researching the same place and time often makes it possible to reclassify some of those unknowns as "yours", "mine", or even "ours". Individual pages include contacts as well as data, but if you've collected similar information for an area not listed please write to Sharon McAllister about setting up an Area Study page for your locale. To qualify for an Area Study, you must have information about COLEs in your area whom you can't tie into your own family - things like census data, land records, marriage records, tombstone inscriptions, etc. - that might be useful to someone else researching COLEs there. Preference will be given to locales being researched by more than one list member.

Deep Fork and Luther Townships, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. Deep Fork Township was part of the Unassigned Lands opened by the Run of '89. Luther Township was just across the line to the east, in the Iowa Lands opened by the Run of '91. A number of COLEs settled there, some from Neodesha, KS, others from parts unknown. This study covers a relatively small area, and concentrates on Territorial days [1889-1907]. A smaller study probably wouldn't be worthwhile, but this time and place had such a high concentration of COLEs that there were four William COLEs in Deep Fork Township alone on the 1900 census.

Southwestern Kentucky/Northwestern Tennessee. COLEs were among the earliest settlers in the KY counties of Fulton and Hickman, and the neighboring TN counties of Obion and Weakley. Many descendants moved west, but the area still has a significant accumulation of COLEs. This study covers a relatively large area and many generations. It's a work-in-progress, probably the largest scope that is practical.

Members' COLE Sites

These include both personal websites and WorldConnect databases.  

J. Timothy Cole Descendants of James Cole of Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1633.

Christine Klocko-Cole Descendants of Marvel COLE, son of John Henry COLE and Mary Scarborough. See family group listed above.

Mary Lou Lloyd Descendants of Mexico COLE, son of John Henry COLE and Mary Scarborough. See family group listed above.

Sharon McAllister Descendants of James Madison COLE, son of John Henry COLE and Mary Scarborough. See family group listed above.

Tiffany Dubas  Descendants of Carroll E COLE, born around 1870 and died between 1951 and 1954. He married Mary Gallagher, also born around 1870. They lived somewhere in Philadelphia most of their lives.

Barb Norvell WorldConnect database including COLEs from Grayson
County, Virginia.

Susan M. (Sue) Gates Davis The Hartford, Connecticut COLEs: 
James>John>Samuel>Samuel II>Timothy>James>Ebenezer>Prudence m. Harvey Lawton


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