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The purpose of a mailing list is to help us make connections with others who are researching the same line. The name is "Milligan" only because that's the way my family spells it and I was the first to request a RootsWeb list. If you spell it "Millican" or Millikin" - or any other variant - you are equally welcome in this group.

The goal of this page makes the Mailing List more effective by providing a central collection of links to resources pertaining to the MILLIGAN surname [and variant spellings], and links to web sites belonging to our individual members.



The mailing list archives are now accessible through the RootsWeb Resources system. There, you will also find links to other RootsWeb sites that contain information about MILLIGANs, the RootsWeb Surname List, and a search engine that will help you find the what you need in many databases. It covers any spelling that shares the M425 Soundex code. Go to Milligan (M425) at Rootsweb


Linked MILLIGAN Families

I've left our old charts online, but RootsWeb's WorldConnect project is a much easier as well as more effective means of sharing our data.  Please browse through it for MILLIGANs, and add your own GEDCOM to the mix.

James MILLIGAN, Sr. was born in Ireland. Possibly Londonderry, about 1730; possibly Belfast, about 1745. He came to America, we think PA, then moved to Iredell Co., NC about 1765. He first wife's maiden name was Sloan. They had seven children, Alexander, William, Hannah, Bettie, Sarah, an unknown daughter, and Thomas. He married Eleanor Allen in 1775 in Salisbury, Rowan, NC. There were no issue from this marriage. About 1794, he married Ruth Templeton in Iredell County, NC. They had six children: James, John, an unknown daughter, Mary, Robert, and David.

James MILLIGAN and Ruth TEMPLETON removed from Iredell Co., NC with their family to Wilson Co. TN sometime between 1803 and 1810. All of the marriages of the children take place there. James died in 1828, in Wilson County, TN. Sometime after that, but before 1840, Elijah ARMSTRONG, James MILLIGAN, John MILLIGAN, and David MILLIGAN moved to Cannon Co., TN.

Andrew Francis MILLIGAN, son of David MILLIGAN, grandson of James MILLIGAN, Sr., was born in Gentry Co., MO on April 22, 1850. He married Mary Jane FRIEND on October 23, 1870. They made the Run of '91 into Oklahoma Territory when the Iowa lands were opened for settlement.

Area Studies

No area studies available so far, although templates are awaiting data from Iredell Co., NC, Wilson Co, TN, Cannon Co., TN, and Gentry Co., MO. If you'd like to see examples of what I hope to start assembling in this section, visit my Luther Site or the COLE Families Area Study of SW KY & NW TN.


MILLIGAN Researchers & Their Web Sites

Each entry in this section gives the member's name and e-mail address, and a thumbnail sketch of the family with a clickable link to the family's chart, web site, or both. 

Margie Etter

e-mail to:

James MILLIGAN, Sr. was born Londonderry, Ireland, and died 1828 in Wilson County, TN. Margie is descended from Elijah Armstrong, Ruth TEMPLETON's son from her first marriage.

Web site:

Sharon McAllister

e-mail to:

Andrew Francis MILLIGAN was born in Gentry Co., MO on April 22, 1850, son of David MILLIGAN, grandson of James MILLIGAN. He married Mary Jane FRIEND on October 23, 1870. They made the Run of '91 into Oklahoma Territory when the Iowa lands were opened for settlement. Five children survived to adulthood, but only my line remained in the area.

Web site: Cole/Lovell Family Page

Shirley Milligan

Robert MILLIGAN, born in Ireland in 1777. Lived in PA & OH. Died in OH before 1860.

Web site:

Susan M. (Sue) Gates Davis

James MILLIGAN (1772-1850) and Nancy JOHNSTON (1776-?) Their children:

Margaret m. William McGrew
James m. Elizabeth Rankin
Sarah m. Alexander Rankin
Nancy m. Hugh Rankin
Catherine m. Archibald Bostick
Jane m. John Maxwell
Alsannah E. m. William Bostick and Lewis Mayfield
Sydney m. George Mayfield
John E. m. Sarah Johnson
Wakely m. Rhoda Hunt


If you have a web site for your MILLIGAN line please let me know. Provide the address of your page and a brief summary about your earliest MILLIGAN ancestor (similar to the one given above for Andrew Francis MILLIGAN). If your line connects with one of the families already posted, also identify the person who is the link between the posted family and your line. Send this information to:

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