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Lincoln Co. Kickapoo Township

Worksheet for 1900 Census

I have found this census rather difficult to read in places because talley marks have been  made over names and some portions are quite dark.  My transcription thus involves a lot of guesswork and I've used question marks to mean I couldn't even made a reasonable guess.  Those in boldface have been deciphered, usually with the help of family members or by comparison with other records, and have been included in my WorldConnect database: smc. For the others, I will attempt a lookup if you tell me the Page # and Head of Household as listed in the table below.


Heads of Household

125A Nancy McCamey, Thomas Corneling, John Stein, David A. Dickson, Victor Herrold, David H. Herrold, Thomas M. Golden, Charles Otey, Gus Belitz, Gustav Bounkow, August Gordel, Adam Meyer
125B Adam Meyer [cont.], B? Bymasher, Carl Belitz, William Belitz, John Taylor, Oliver Hill, George Kuhr, John Seebeck, Jep? Dunham, Frank Kelley, James Dunham, Samuel Dunham, Albert Nichols, ? Green.
126A ? Green [cont.], Joseph Treby, William Maston, Everett Lynch, Isaac Lynch, Thomas Nichols, Daniel Kirch, John McElroy, Martin L. Ray, Albert Donnell.
126B Albert Donnell [cont.], David L. Gingrich, Napoleon March, William F. Mielenz, J. ? Simpson, William P. Metzger, James H. Simpson, Edward McMinnis?, Wm. H. Stevens, Sion Honia, James Haley. 
127A James Haley [cont.], Emberson Miller, Wm. Goguin, Young Hayles, Wm. H. Freeman, Irman Milhouse, Oscar Bymasher, Wm. M. Eastburn, Elisha Collier, George Ford.
127B George Ford [cont], John Goggin, Bernard Meyer, Aaron Maston, Geo. Speckman, Benj. B. Hall, Geo. Bierly, Israel Holder, John Randol, Josiah Fowler, Fo?? Spencer, Robert Wall, Henry Fegel.
128A Stephen Fegel, David Jones, Thomas Law or Lam, Richard George, ? Thompson, Fred Biggs, Clarence Fletcher, Matt. Kent, Wm. Ewing, Jacob Wimer, Wm. A. Pyle, Joseph Brown.
128B Darius B. Brown, John Czazkowski, Sion Honea, Thomas Nowakoski, Frank Balcerkiewitz, John Nowakoski, John Mechalak, Thomas Bales, Henry Hurry, John McDaniel, N? Johnson, ? Gillham.
129A ? Gillham [cont.], L? Sumner, Stephen Wilkowski, Jesse Lewis, Mark Browning, John Browning, John Ferrel, B. Ferrel, Wm. Thompson, Herman Coym, Charles Higby, SamWiese.
129B Sam Wiese [cont], James Wiese, Allan Bradshaw, Charles Osterman, William Arnold, John Willard, Marvin Wozhik, George Prince, Frank Lutomski.
130A Frank Lutomski [cont.], Sam Summers, Geo. Fleming, Marshall Cox, Frank Hensley, Alfred Hensley, Henry Munger, John G. Wall, Silas Rhodes.
130B Silas Rhodes [cont.], Clarence King, Wm. J. Harding, Jesse E. Harding, John Kimball, Andrew Wilkinson, Horace Shearer, Edward S. Okerson, John Allbritton, Samuel Anderson, John Anderson.
131A John Anderson [cont.], Abraham Geiser, ? Bloodworth, James Hochstrasser, Geo. Kirkman, Robert L. Downey, John Rackley, Edwin Gambrell, Henry Grogan, William Walker, Monroe Taylor, Geo. Johnson.
131B Geo. Johnson [cont.], Rudolpho Brown, Albert Bacon, Arthur Oliver, Norton Wilkerson, Arthur Carpenter, Geo. Wilkerson, John Flatt, Floyd A. Alley, Hiram Alley, Grove A. Hand, Alfred Megenity, ? King.
132A ? King [cont.], William Anthony, William Stoker, Samuel Fulton, Nelson Warner, Emil Wiese, James Lockwood, Ida M. Green, William Martin, Claude Hixon, Charles Hooper, Otis Hixon, Levi Drake.
132B Levi Drake [cont.], Joseph Emerson, James Chism, Wm. or Winston Chambless, Charles Carrier, Joseph Finley, Sidney Curry, Thadeus Springer, Charles W. Offutt, Daniel Murray, John Richard, ? Stephens.
133A ? Stephens [cont.], Henry Miller, William Parker, Wm. S. Jones, James Alley, Wm. A. Clutter, Milton Hayes, John Stephens, Martha Waldrop, Thomas Stephens, Jesse Hearn.
133B Jesse Hearn [cont.], Arthur D. Arnett, Albert Carlton, James Smith, Arthur Holden, Alice Anderson, George Parni?, John Bettes, David Waller, Charles G. Graves, Clayton Snods, Wm. J. Larnes.
134A Wm. J. Larnes [cont.], Phillip Russ, James Jamison, Eva. A. Carr, John A. Stallcup, Elizabeth Jamison, John Glenn, Richard Reason, Bizateal Ewing, Phineas Lynch.
134B Louis Walker, ? Howanasisi, J. Johnson, John Elliot, Ira Cook, Wm. Daigh, Eddie Ragland, Emerson H. Feer, John Cariko, D. Munson, George Sanders.
135A An? Proffitt, John Johnston, Spencer Chambers, W? Henderson, John Youts, Theophilis Brickle, James Miller, Henry Walsh, Robert Amos,  Louis  Cromwell, Josiah Roughton. 
135B Josiah Roughton [cont.], Sam'l Williamson, Chas. More, Robert Smith, Rufus Youst, Naz? Turcotte, Stephen Moore, Chas. Fay, Edward Sweeney, Lewis Sheridan, Louis Schwartz, Ora L. Waner.
136A Andrew Meginity, John Horner, Sarah Meginity, Calvin Moore, Graham Marlatt, Wm. M. Ramseier,  Edson Ellsworth, Herman Milleas, Hubert McCabe, Theodore Tomia, Cornelius Reust.
136B Cornelius Reust [cont.], Chas. G. Bly, John Harmon, Reuben Smith, William Brewer, Abraham Giren, Gottlieb Eckert, Joseph Taylor, Henry Bowman, Jerome Warner.
137A Jerome Warner [cont.], Geo. Johnston, Alex Taggart, Samuel Heath, Henry Brown, Thomas L. Thompson, John A. Pack, Joseph Brown, Ford Lyond, Isaac Colvin, William Scott, Wm. Clinard, Frank Holden.
137B Frank Holden [cont.], James Dadrill, Charles Ward, John Swift, William Walker, Elias Bowman, John Craigor, Edmund Oldham, Albert Loveday, William Batt.
138A William Batt [cont.], Ulysses Mapes, Murray Nourse, Stephen Cook, Archie A. Reed, ? Worthington, Wm. Wilson, Mathew Orr, James Elliot, George Kennedy, Richard Black, John Carlock.
138B John Carlock [cont.], Wm. M. Ayres, George W. Beach, Gustav Holder, Louisa Jones, Benj. Jamison, Br? McGlatherty, John Ingert, August P. Batt.
139A August P Batt [cont.], Wm. Johnson, Ed Harris, Williaam Meginity, Mo? Enlow, William Russell, Andrew J. Harder, John Welchon, Charles Vanfleet, Morris Sober, Thomas Scott. 
139B Thomas Scott [cont.], Lewis Nourse, John Nourse, John Smith, Oz? Bullard, Ira Thompson, William Woods, Joseph Wasicek, Cleveland Costley, Leander Cole, Catherine Costley, Henry Smith, Rollo Smith, Charles Ball, John Dinkines.
140A Christopher Ginter, Isaac Chambless, Pier Hammerly, Lucy K. Sanders.
140B Elizabeth Test. [Field Matron, Mexican Kickapoo Mission].
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