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Lincoln Co. Tohee Township

Worksheet for 1900 Census

I have found this census rather difficult to read in places because talley marks have been  made over names and some portions are quite dark.  My transcription thus involves a lot of guesswork and I've used question marks to mean I couldn't even made a reasonable guess.  Those in boldface have been deciphered, usually with the help of family members or by comparison with other records, and have been included in my WorldConnect database: smc. For the others, I will attempt a lookup if you tell me the Page # and Head of Household as listed in the table below.


Heads of Household

272A Petter Meiness (?), Joseph Katoo, Samuel Hawley, George D. Mason, ? Robertson, John C. Robertson, Marion Hicks, James F. Muns, George M. Morris, Harry Howard, William Miller.
272B Hos? Inman, Frank Carpenter, Benjamin Talbot, Julia Wilkins, Washington White, George W. Divine, Henry Harris, Charles Roushkrabb, William Higgins, Richard H. Cornuble, [unreadable].
273A Hugh M. McFalls, ? Quinatt, Richard D. Sibbit, John A. Rogers, Nathan Wilson, Alice Dandridge, Pat Murphy, Eli Stevens, Jacob H. Brown, Ollie D. Ferrier, William Cummings.
273B John C. Baker, John Jameson, Benjamin Saffles, Edward Smith, William Huffman, Jacob Shoop, Pocahontas Lenox, ? Fisher, William Miller, Robert Gibbs, ? Hubbard, John Leggett. 
274A Henry Ehrlich, William H. Hayes, George S. Gragg, ? Nash, Dock Edington, Sarah Squans, Thomas Harrison, George Boline, Walter Stott, William Tillis, ? Osburn.
274B James Strider, Mary Benfer, Simon Benfer, Bucanan Neal, Cass Chester, Dock Mayberry, Arthur Farris, Henry C. Moon, Albert R. Seaman, John [unreadable].
275A William Ervin, Wyatt Tiggs, William Burgin, William C. Burgin, Rose B. Mitchel, Elisha Chestnut, Benjamin F. Stroub, Jacob Owens, Charles C. Smith, Andrew H. Potter.
275B Judson Johnson, Mary Clark, William Gilbert, Walter Gilbert, John C. Treaster, Albert Jimmerson, Lucy Murphy, Thomas Murphy, ? Jimmerson.
276A John N. Macy, Charles W. Macy, James W. Divine, Harvey Cesnut, Charles Kebote, Daniel Christ, Joseph Barnett, Conrad N. Christ, William T. Ramey, David T. McMahan, Lawrence Pearson, John W. Rader, John M. Thompson.
276B Joseph Ramsey, James Daniels, William Flougher, John Jennings, Edward Jennings, Ruben Ballyatt, Charles (?) Addams, Scott Beatty, ? Collins.
277A William W. Chitwood, John A. Bell, James Gardner, George W. Rector, William Baughn, Joseph Huffine, Robert D. Underwood, Joseph Murphy, James Massa.
277B Abraham H. Onstott, Charles Huffine, Isaac Bradfield, William P. Waas, John W. Stephens, ? Marshal, William H. Fallis, Nathan Rector, Hugh M. Pool, Eli Brazelton, William Brazelton, [unreadable].
278A ? Jones, Enoch Barnes, ? Porterfield, George A. Henry, Scott Beatty Jr., El? Richter, Samuel A. James, Alfred E. Smith, Albert Robison, John Murphy.
278B James H. [unreadable], James W. Murphy, Ira H. Baggett, Gurley B. Fent, Elam T. Fent, Hiram Moon, Jordan Murphy, [unreadable].
279A William A. Murphy, ? Carlile, Garrett Zimmerman, ? Homann, John W. Brown, Richard Brissell, Jobe Cash, Jo? Rogers, William Nash.
279B Leon Pearson, ? Rea, Arthur Pool, Samuel Clark, Francis M. Taylor, Ann Branch, [unreadable], C? Ostin, Andrew Latham, Alfred Gant, Eugene Liggett, Henry Low, [unreadable].
280A Wesley Johnson, Charles F. Harris, Fuller Jones, Mikel Jones, John Clark, Henry Scott, William Dickson, Thomas Beaty, Frank Lobecker, Perry Vaughan.
280B Richmond Hudson, George Clark, Charles Sleeper, James Cornelius, John Franklin, Mary Silver, William M. Mathews, William Burford.
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