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Lincoln Co. Wellston Township

Worksheet for 1900 Census

I have found this census rather difficult to read in places because talley marks have been  made over names and some portions are quite dark.  My transcription thus involves a lot of guesswork and I've used question marks to mean I couldn't even made a reasonable guess.  Those in boldface have been deciphered, usually with the help of family members or by comparison with other records, and have been included in my WorldConnect database: smc. For the others, I will attempt a lookup if you tell me the Page # and Head of Household as listed in the table below.


Heads of Household


[Wellston City]

? Hudson, Harry Daker, C. L. Nippent, John Taylor, A. ? Haverstock, W. H. Biddle, Benjamin Calkins, Walter Laws, James Laws, Thomas B. Haygood, Charles B. Ingram, Albert Bond, Abe Caseblock.


[Wellston City]

Sarah Hunsacker, Edwin H. Hollister, John R. Neale, Green ? Bell, Robert Gault, Ira E. Billingsley, Leroy King, George W. Hall, William Groinn, Fred Benton, William Bolesoine, James McCarney, William Dill, Thomas B. Blackburn, ? Ryn?, [unreadable].


[Wellston City]

Henry Bullen, Frank E. Beaman, Frank J. Muldarn, Thomas A. Webb, Gerald B. Holloway, William Renner, Sherman J. Ross, ? Blake, Charles West, Henry R. Williams, Clarence Jackson, Thomas D. Craddock,  William F. Ross, Otho M. Linthicuns, George McFadden, James Burns, Joseph Brown. 


[Wellston City]

Usher Carson, ? Henderson, Walker H. Bateman, ? Outcault, ? Knight, ? Tinnault, Ray B. Beaman, William Sharp, Jab? Messenger, Thomas Owens, James Lindsey, William Ralstin, William S. Ranfel.


[Wellston City]

Hugh W. Ranpe, Elbert Ramey, Albert Taylor, Daniel Pettigrew, Charles Pettigrew, Sherman S. Durst, Frank E. Pardel, Lewis H. Mitchel, Cle? East, Robert Kelso, J? Morris.


[Wellston City]

Joseph W. Jordan, John N. Scheuller, George W. Saunders, William H. Collisure (?), Frank Jiles, Henry Herbert, William E. Jennings, Lee W. Todd, Eli Mell, Harry L. Saunders, Edgar T. Moffett, Felix Elam, ? Hostelen.  


[Wellston City]

Kinsey Davis, William Tryon, Edwin Monroe, Elwood R. Davis, William W. Knight, Charles S. Hudson, Melvin Baker, William Pettit, Pleasant F. Miller, Theodore Wallman, William Ronckin (?).


[Wellston City]

Henry M. Suess, James W. West, William Jones, David H. Fisher, Joseph Dewees, Samuel Dewees, Joseph Grant, James W. Vail, Edward F. Franklin. 
Note:  Pages 272A through 180A cover Tohee township, which adjoins Wellston Township on the north.  Wellston City was only about two miles from the township line, so if you don't find the family you are looking for in Wellston or Wellston Township they might have actually lived in Tohee Township.  


Joseph Estus, Jessie Estus, Sarah Studaway, Archie Palmer, William Sampson, Simon Smith, Samuel Hayes, William French, John Milas, William Hudson, Asa Bartlett, James Brinton, John Lindsey, John Branum, Silas Burton, Richard Burton.


Richard Burton [cont.], Ellen McNeal, Benjamin Ramey, William Si?, Charles Carl, Elizabeth Payne, Gus Smith, Sollomon Hopper, Henry Johnson, Lewis E. Hooser, Rufus Sisler.
282A Humphrey M. Todd, Allen Randolph, Lewis E. Martin, Albert White, John W. White, Albert Reese, Eli Brannon, Lewis Wiggans, Jacob Eleisey, George Davis, Stephen L. Morgan, ? Lawrence, James Heard.
282B Lewis Heard, John Rheles, Hugh B. Floyd, James Pearson, Joseph Cloyd, Tell C. Jeffers, James Brown, William S. Calkins, John Goggin, [unreadable].
283A [unreadable], Aron Harmon, George Crosby, ? Mullendor, Newton Harmon, Zacariah Robertson, John Jarvis, Charles Haymaker, Joseph Haymaker, ? Haskell, [unreadable].  
283B [unreadable], Smith May, David Elsey, John Carpenter, John C. Green, William Neill, Lulu George, Felix Barnett.
284A F? Henderson, Tilton Haley, Bose Elkins, Samuel Dixon, Nicolas Heffron, John Baber, William Hood, G? Carpenter, [unreadable]. 
284B [unreadable], Samuel Hamlin, William Brewer, Rudolph Smith, Finley Womuburg, Michael Phillips, Arthur Campbell, Timothy Fisher, [unreadable].
285A [unreadable], William A. McGinnis, William Campbell, Tofield McGlory, Gustavus Oliver, John Oliver, Oliver Nesow, Henry Lay, ? Ray.
285B Paul Walker, Thomas Calvin, William Read, Harvey Read, Grandison Neal, Joseph Prokup, Allen Griffin, Cuthbert Miller, Hiram Herrold, Thomas Legrande, ? Stein, William Childers, ? Miller.
286A ? Miller [cont.], Phillip Miller, Louis West, Henry Rasche, Gilbert Lange, Henry Wells, George Bell, George L. Thompson, John Tynes, William Overman.
286B John J. Hadley, Henry Blackburn, ? Moore, ? Hudspeth, Carl Stein, ? W. Winston, Frank Adair, [unreadable], [unreadable].
287A Rachel McKinney, Charles Neal, Alonzo Walker, William Foreman, Wilbur Jones, Jack Jackson, Mary Hill, Charles Hopper.
287B William Hughes (?), Walter Brown, Perry Kenyon, Silas Spence, Jacob Howard, Wilson B. Bunn, Ge? Maxwell, James West, Hannah Mann, George M. Neely, William Russell, ? Conley.
288A ? Conley [cont.], ? Wildman, John Pyle, Jessie Koch, Peter, Rosecrans, Elbert Hurst, Perry Smith, Kenneth Scott,  J? Cheatham, David H. Young, William A. Worden, [unreadable]. 
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