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Logan Co. Iowa Township

Worksheet for 1900 Census

I have found this census extremely difficult to read in places, with many blotches and some probable spelling errors. Some have been deciphered, usually with the help of family members or by comparison with other records, and have been included in my WorldConnect database.  Clickable links open a new window for the Head of Household's WorldConnect record, so to return here you merely need to close that window. Or you can go to the database smc and consult the index.  For the others, I will attempt a lookup if you tell me the Page # and Head of Household as listed in the table below.


Heads of Household


Lewis Cox, James Knight, John B. Mahoney, Isaac Farrow, Joe Alexander, James Vanross, Robert Jones, Sisson Alexander, Silas Gordon, James Ball, Charles Park.


Charles Park [cont.], Frank Jones, John Elmore, Willis Williams, Samuel Roper, William M. Starks, Green Cecil [or Cecil Green], Houston Goodby, [unreadable], Walter Jordan, William Stark, John Brooks, ? Lee, [unreadable].


Harrison Davis, Mack Duffy, William Sperling, Jefferson Archer, Eli Bricker, William Douglas, Franklin B. Earl, Rubin McCloskey, S? Vilinger, Charles Bardsher, James Archer, Joseph Hensley, Simon Hodges, Elizabeth Jentry, Ralph Abernathy.


Ralph Abernathy [cont.], Samuel Cassius, Isaac Osborne, Walter J. Chatman, William Boganey, John Sims, Henry White, Nelson Franklin.


Nelson Franklin [cont.], Isaac Jones, John Waldman, Daniel Nash, Thomas J. Wyant, Charles Gordon, Henry Reid, William M. Stewart, John Carter, Isaac Jenkins.


Isaac Jenkins [cont.], Ephriam Mumphrut, Johnson Kinnestly, Seston Gunillion, Ernest Celestine, Richard Moma, Thomas Simmons, Lizzy Mitchell, William Schaefer, John Woods, Henry Bowser, Elvira Kemp, Moore Chatman, James Mosley.


Ruben B. Harrison, James Kiniffen, Henry Williams, Robert Edmonson, Leandrew McGrew, William Gordon, William Herold, William Jones.


Henry Harrison, Milton Runtle, Dan Forde, Lewis For, Oranges Gaines, Isadore Reson, Richard Morman, Joseph Donnell, Mariah Morrison, John Weasel, James Crouch.


James Crouch [cont.], Albert G. Briscoe, Aurthur W. Burse (Burrows), Thomas Lee, Nelson Bogany, [unreadable], Samuel H. Jordon, Andrew Scarborough, Fannie Hunt, John D. Archer, ? Smith.


? Smith [cont.], William Jentry, James F. Ayers, John B. Bivert, Florinda Cramer, James Chdler, Rosilla Bivert, James Jordan, Rollen Dill, Frank Weasel, [unreadable].


Malissa Harris, [unreadable], Charles C. Hayes, Aron Mosley, David Chandler, [unreadable], Ruben Butler, George B. Gray, Alex Prichard, Luster Clayton, Lucius Lucius, Randle Butler.


Anna Seward, James E. Snow, Leandrew Caywood, Lewis Haywood, Betsy Banks, Walter Roper, Bun Brown, Andrew J. Perkins, Andrew Brazil, John Smith, Andrew Butler.


Guss R. Miller, James W. Sipper, Thomas N. Wright, George W. White, Robert Esom, Andrew J. Burres, John Hudson, Meathew Dumas, James M. Starks, Mary Harris, [unreadable].


Willis Collins, William S. Toomes, Enoch Collins, Charley M. Christ, Amos Campbell, William A. Peters, William M. Humphrey, Walter Shay, Sandfort A. Eubank, John W. Jarvis, Minnie E. Shafer, Clark P. Dewitt.


Iasa Onstatt, Allen Collier, Harvey McKay, Pleasant M. Marshall, Tom Hendrix, Robert Cleveland, Silas Sims, Joshua Stine, Henry Davidson, Duglas Johnson.


Duglas Johnson [cont.], Sherman Moore, Jackson Jones, John Scarborough, William Scarborough, Lewis Davison, William H. Jones, William Gregoria, Eddie Haynes, Alfred Roper, Edgar J. Huntsman, Wilson Colman.


Wilson Colman [cont.], Willis Divine, Carry Engle, Lucius M. Oliver, Joseph Bogy, Donald Campbell, James Deweese, [unreadable], Moses Walker, Samuel Farrow, Alexander Black, Charles Hill.


Lottie Hill [daughter of Charles Hill]. No other entries.


Charles Hill [cont.], Ben Jones, Isaac Jones, Jack Stowers, Abb Nelson, Daniel Ganter, John Chatman, Washington Davis, Ben Raines, Ephraim Ramsey, William Roberts.


William Roberts [cont.], Richard Williams, James Baker, Alexander Neal, John Collins, John L. Jones, William N. Jordan, James Reynolds, William J. Ryan, Joe Hill.

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