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Logan Co. Springer Township

Worksheet for 1900 Census

Some names are clear, but many require a significant amount of guesswork and in most cases I don't have other sources for comparison.  Often, this is caused by the overwriting of a name when it was tallyed. Those in boldface have been deciphered, usually with the help of family members or by comparison with other records, and have been included in my WorldConnect database: smc. For the others, I will lookup the family's information if you tell me the Page # and Head of Household as listed in the table below. 


Heads of Household

  The first page was originally labeled "Seward & Springer Township" but "Seward" has been marked out.  The Stewart family is split between pages 275B [Seward Township] and 276A, but neither page shows a dividing line so I can't tell how many families were affected..  


William Stewart [cont], Pleasant Graves, Bessie Crosley, John C. Gayetty, Stephen D. Cahill, Mack McDumas(?), Mack McGee, Eli S. Eliot, John James, Albert Childs.


John McCrary, Joseph Gross, George Craber, Earl Craig, James Padgham, James Ryan, Fred Fulty, Henry L. Lowe, Samuel Given, Charles Shuling. 


Charles Shuling [cont.], Joseph J. Hartlett, Joseph Martin, William Burk, George F. Sertain, Ollie A. Mills, Phillip Cooper, Simmons, Pleasant Frastion, Milton Sherrill, Jonston Threadkill. 


Jonston Threadkill [cont]., John C. Donnelson, Herold Capron, Charles H. Cook, Shadrack Pedrick, Warren Allgir, Henry Harris, Thomas Randall, Shadrack Murphy, George Peters, John Jacobson.


Marquis Hines, Henry Cook, William Taylor, John McDowell, John Bevins, William Carlin, Virgil Siling, John Ward, William Faubion, Warren Turner, William H. Long, John L. Tresler.


Lucius Yates, William Henry, John Sontag, Lucy Brakefield, Frank Carlin, John Snapp, John Hulm, Joseph Craig, Fred Padgham, Charles Hirwig.


Charles Hirwig [cont.], Henry Hirwig, Washington Crisp, William Fairchild, H???? Beard, Horace Macy, Thomas Kidd, Andy Brannon, Mathew Adams, Gus Whitman, Thomas Kent, Charles Holbrook. 


Charles Holbrook [cont.], William Barber, Fred Schwake, Gus Brandt, John Adams, James Gregory, Robert Franklin, Henry Hathway, George Hirzel, Timothy Wheaton, Carvin Willard, L??? Winard, William Keespert, Charles Malone. 


Charles Malone [cont.], Richard Huss, August Jeske, T??? Williams, Charles Boston, Albert Canfield, Walter Norton, James Williams, Louis Bright, John W. Vesper.


John W. Vesper [cont.], Archie Stewart, Ira C. Crabb, Ulysses Canfield, William Shields, John Crossett, Hattie Hill, Albert Pattie, John H. Fowler, Frances Lanister, Fred E. Everett, Mary Haughey, Henery Pepper, Clinton A. Baker, John White


John White [cont.], John Brooks, Peter Adling, Volney M. Higgenbottom, George W. Holbrook, V. J?? Holbrook, Robert Johnson, Fletcher Powers, Henry Eggleston, Al?? Martin.


Appears to be a duplicate of page 281A.


Al?? Martin [cont.], Fred Mamos, James T. Hinson, William Law, Jeremiah Purdum, Calvin W. Ramsey, Gilbert Stewart, Thomas Poteet, Thomas Wilby, Elizabeth Poteet, William H????, Wilson Sturgis, August Fau????.


Charles Bassett, Charles Klenk, Elbert Cutler, William King, John Barker, Harry Abbott, Daniel Watson, Thomas Morrison, William Larmer, Lizzie E. Peasley, John Allmun, James Benson, William Randle, Christian Hopper.
282B Blank
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