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Oklahoma Co. Britton Township

Worksheet for 1900 Census

Most of this census is quite easy to read although there are instances in which a name has been overwritten when it was talleyed.  I will attempt a lookup if you tell me the Page # and Head of Household as listed in the table below. 


Heads of Household


Daniel Light, Christopher Hanson, Janus Wooten, Eli Brown, Priscilla Huphingstone, Thomas Franklin, James Grane, Lucius Crandall, Joseph Dalton, John Novak,  Henry Ritman.


William C. May, Benjamin Bell, Sullivan L. Washburn, Frederick Bertrand, Lewis Mendlik, Charles Harris, William C. Wright, Rufus Wright, Frederick Alberts, William Corbett, Edmund Fairchild.


William Butman, Charles Butman, Frank Light, William Edmond, Henry Goss, William Goss, John B. Card, John W. Brown, Henry Buhrens, [unreadable], Press Thomas, John Nugent, 


Joseph Wattenbarger, Lewis Thompson, Bird Gee, Alexander Dunlop, William Frazier, Elijah Wells, Oliver J. Harsen, Philip Truesmith, Pete Huntsman.


Pete Huntsman [cont.], Joseph Reynolds, Thomas Warrick, William L. Parks, Cyrus Blackburn, Robert McClanahan, Joseph Boyd, James Crunk, Henry Buxton, Frank Pettigrew, Herbert Bloom, Frederick Kimball.


Frederick Kimball [cont.], John Schopflen, Martin Fessler, William Lugmeyer, Ezra Bowman, George Dawson, Julius Matzger, Frank E. Tripp, John B. Smith, George Walter, Ottoman Adair.


Hugh Orourke, Franklin Miller, Henry Fitzgerald, Henry Miller, Samuel Sutton, Robert Dickey, Samuel Rice, Lewis Cromwell, John McWeil, Eliza McConnell.


Nicholas Mace, George E. Crawford, Joshua S. Vincent, Henry Haynes, John Peak, Br??? Alberts, Hiram Brinner, Henry Hasley, David Riley, Joseph Kolar, James Fowler, [unreadable].


, Elmer E. Kibby, Dennis Grans, Winfield Potts, Richard Cahoun, Leopold Obreiter, William Williams, Le??? Stennson, Charles Cauthaurn, Clair M. Olny, Charles Mayfield.


Charles Mayfield [cont.], ? Summitt, Jesse Baptiste, Nelson Ellis, George Biggs, John Hubble, Reece Smith, Anton Scheffel, Lee White, Frank Rowell, Rom?? Easton, James Ferris.


James Ferris, John Ricketts, George Wittenzelner, Frank E. Mills, Pen? Duncan, Thomas Cheney, Lewis Calvert, Henry East, Minora Beal, Otto Lesten.


Otto Lesten [cont.], Charles Mise, Samuel H. Golden, Denzel Washburn, George Crum, John Mace, La?? Avemeyer, William Kosas, William Hobson, Lewis Bowers, William Adam, George G. Baker, ? Buchanan, Benjamin Burville, James Kolar. 


Wakefield Fisher.
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