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Oklahoma Co. Deer Creek Township

Worksheet for 1900 Census

This is the most legible section I have encountered so far.   Households of those in boldface have been deciphered and included in my WorldConnect database: smc. For the others, I will lookup the family's information if you tell me the Page # and Head of Household as listed in the table below.  


Heads of Household


Frank M. Page, Peter C. Griffin, John H. Murphy, George H. Easter, John Casy, John F. Paul, William Beresford, Harry L. Griffin, Lewis Hoover, Sumner Zerger. 


Sumner Zerger [cont.], Jack Casey, Henry Jorgensen, Willard Murdock, Joseph N. Christner, William Paskins, Clark Black, John Kelly, Mary Obrien, Jackson Stewart, Wallace Britton, Michael Casey.


Michael Casey [cont.], James C. Murphy, William Mills, John T. Orr, George R. Bocock, Catherine Murphy, John W. Young, Michael Casey.


Samuel Coder, William R. Frazier, Nathaniel Chestnut, Marian Norris, William Pike, Patrick McAuliff, James Burke, Grafton Dodd, George W. Elerick, Edward Childers, Jesse Young.


Jesse Young [cont.], Robert J. McConnell, George Rowling, Edward Smith, Robert M. Whisler, Benjamin Polin, John Sheehan, Miriam Winebrinner, Jay H. Morton, William M. Nave, Bernard Lynch, John M. Waller.


John M. Waller [cont.], William Whisler, Lycurgus Lynch, Elda Lynch, John C. McCain, Sophia Davenport, John W. King, Archie Lindley, George H. Kittell, Mark A. Ludom, James W. Chaney. 


James W. Chaney [cont.], Michael Murphy, Joseph Hawkins, Jacob Pritts, Elias Drake, James Cartmill, Tank Davis, Eliza Firrell.


Eliza Firrell [cont.], Robert Bridson, Michael Feeney, Rufus Hatten, Pheonious Walters, John W. Jenks, Frederick W. Brewer, Sylvester B. McKee, Charles Boyington.


Charles Boyington [cont.], Ira Gordon, Job L. Chappell, Brison Leonard, Al Bowling, George Leatherman, William W. McGregor, John A. McKee.


Oliver O. Wildman, Jesse R. Whisler, Elisha Davenport, John Oconner, Gustave Neumeyer, Joseph A. Eldridge, Nathan Vanbibber, Charles Pauley.


Andrew Adkison, Edward Carpenter, Thomas McDowell, Marie Sheldon, Alvin Whitney, Henry Carpenter, Johnnie Fox, Frank Mans, Samuel Mans, Tracy Crossley, John Crossley, Noah Roby.


Noah Roby [cont.], Charles Cartmill, Gilbert Webb, Lewis H. Tew, Andrew J. Snyder, John Van Arsdall, Thomas Lynch, Thomas Burns, George Mentzer, Warren J. Pickard, Joseph Nash.
112A Joseph Nash [cont.], John H. Burnett, Henry R. Casto, John V. Wager, Samuel Stall, Thomas Stanbrough, John Kay, Charles, Schwoerke.
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