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Oklahoma Co. Dewey Township

Worksheet for 1900 Census

I have found this census extremely difficult to read and many entries have only initials. Some have been deciphered, usually with the help of family members or by comparison with other records, and have been included in my WorldConnect database.  Clickable links open a new window for the Head of Household's WorldConnect record, so to return here you merely need to close that window. Or you can go to the database smc and consult the index. For the others, I will attempt a lookup if you tell me the Page # and Head of Household as listed in the table below.


Heads of Household


Perle Olmsted, Charles Olmsted, David Cook, James King, Peter Degroot, Arley Taylor, Roy Taylor, David Stevens, E. D. Stevens, Wilkinson, J. B. Garrett, W. T. Clark, [unreadable]


[unreadable, cont.], Z. C. Clark, E. C. Olmsted, Laurie Beatty, Lewis Walters, B. F. Leonard, J. Pinkerton, D. Beaty, Augusta Stricks, J. J. Hall, F. F. Hilerman, Emma Lewis, Christ Hanson, Max Graff, G. L. Miller


G. L. Miller [cont.], Anthony Wilkowski, Fred Potter, T. J. Watson, H. H. Benepe, J. J. Ward, J. Davis, J. S. Carey, John W. Ebey, J. W. Roberts, David Dunison, J. Robertson


J. Robertson [cont.], J. Benepe, B. H. Helms, T. J. Clark, W. C. ?, H. L. Wagaman, J. Jackson, J. I. Gunsalis, W. P. Boydston, L. J. Horner


L. J. Horner [cont.], J. M. Wagoner, A. M. Bell, J. Gambrell, Emery Dye, J. Workman, Ira Pullins, S. P. Horner, C. M. Pierce, G. D. Goad, B. Jackson, L. T. Clark, Bill Warren, E. McKittrick, E. H. Paine


E. H. Paine [cont.], J. Gentry, W. Daggy, W. M. Phillips, F. R. Rogers, George Stevens, S. A. Janes, Mary Taylor, E. R. Truax, J. Huntington, A. E. Cole, D. A. Snider, J. S. Cornwell, A. J. Crosby, Leora Redman, H. N. Thurston, K. H. Worley


K. H. Worley [cont.], J. Sellman, W. R. Lovell, Presley Phillips, L. H. Baker, B. A. Watson, H. G. Watson, L. J. Jones, W. B. Vails, L Horner, J. Wagamon, J. Gilbert, James Blevins


James Blevins [cont.], W. B. Geddes, P. Wiggans, J. W. Young, E. A. Alward, R. A. Briscoe, John Gnade, Ira Alward, W. E. Lovell, Paul Mackie, E. Roberts, Peter Havluj


Peter Havluj [cont.], Lee Allen, Albert Ballard, J. V. Worel, Lula Anderson, J. W. Samuels, John Preston, Nannie McGraw, Mike Collins, Jessie Rogers, Marshal Coleman, F. W. Davis, George Adair, R. Campbell, W. C. Still, Donald Harris, G. Harmon


G. Harmon [cont.], Jesse Foster, W. Slover, W. S. Vails, W. A. Kimes, E. W. Woods, David Grable, E. M. Worel, H. W. Nasker


H. W. Nasker [cont.], Jim Wright, W. H. Wilson, Fourt Levescy, Lidwina Post, Ellie May Lewis, Ezekiel Mackie, J. W. Hues, H. A. Olmsted, G. Dalrymple, S. Strickland, G. Wickiff, Jonathon Grou?


D. H. Godown, W. L. Edmiston, G. W. Blevins, ? Manwell, H. Briton, J. L. Cook, Harvey Pickle, Luther Dalrymple, D. Dalrymple, J. Clifford, Peter Dupree, ? Ellenwood, F. H. Palmer


F. H. Palmer [cont.], Frank Craig?, M. V. Clopton, T. J. Goodin, Robert Mack, T. Rowlin, W. M. Marvel, Ira Hutchinson,

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