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Oklahoma Co. Spring Creek Township

Worksheet for 1900 Census

Most names are clear, but some require a bit of guesswork and in most cases I don't have other sources for comparison.  The main problem is the occasional overwriting of a name when it was tallyed. Households of those in boldface have been deciphered and included in my WorldConnect database: smc. For the others, I will lookup the family's information if you tell me the Page # and Head of Household as listed in the table below.  For a map of original homesteaders, go to Olive Hill Cemetery and click on the Township Map.


Heads of Household


Elias B. Bridges, Frederick Wright, Charles Butler, Frank Moyer, James Hunt, John Ealey, Younger B. Bradley, William J. Ramsey, Philip Novotny. 


Philip Novotny [cont.], Lorenzo Smith, Charles Jordan, John Bloom, James Bloom, William W. Galland, William Rosencrans, Isaac Couch, George Blackerby, Frank Ford.


Frank Ford [cont.], Lewis Rosecrans, Peter Bailey, Charles Berge, James Bonner, Vincent Kratky, Ulysses Smith, William Dye, James Reed, Olin Gray, John Bryan.


John Bryan [cont.], Joseph Mayer, Samuel McBrian, William Holloway, Joseph Carson, Lewis Carson, Harvey Spencer, James Nickleson, Lewis Thompson, Rufus Bailey.


Rufus Bailey [cont.], Thomas Skaggs, George W. Tandon, William H. Blaney, William Blaney, John Fickess, Henry Mitchell, Robert Jones, Robert Brown.


Robert Brown [cont.], William J. Arthur, John Gray, John Solburger, Eugene Bonaforte, Joseph Darby, James Joseph, Joseph Gaum, George W. Collette, Stephen Hutchinson, James Perry, Edmond Stone, 


Erasmes Dixon, Jerome Barber, Thomas Meeker, George Lockhart, Josephus Deal, William Beal, Mathew Sittington, William Perry, John Bednar.


John Bednar [cont.], Loyal Palladay, Florent Maning, George Brown, George W. Nickel, George Evans, Joseph Dougherty, James Vanzant, Samuel Hardy, John T. Hardy.


John T. Hardy [cont.], Alvin Hardy, Frederick Niles, Burton Cook, William Folmee (?), Levi Thomas, Theodore Benge, Frank Dalton, Andrew Johnson, John B. Smith, Lewis Wedman, Augustus Stern, Henry J. Fink.


Henry J. Fink [cont.], James Faulkner, John G. Algin, Lester C. Harlow, Virgil B. Ingraham, Jennie Mills, Frances Downs, Sue Proofett, Abner Lynch, Charlie E. Ross, John Lietzens.


John Lietzens [cont.], Seymour Siler, Charles Ford, Ansel Casto, James F. Tresney, Cyrus W. Babb, Henry H. Kenton, Nathan Miller, John E. Wagner, Nash Murphy.


Nash Murphy [cont.], John W. Shaffer, Charles Busby, James P. Gray, Jacob P. Coss, Charles Frolich.
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