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Oklahoma Co. Springer Township

Worksheet for 1900 Census

I have found this census extremely difficult to read and many entries have only initials. Those in boldface have been deciphered, usually with the help of family members or by comparison with other records, and have been included in my WorldConnect database: smc. For the others, I will attempt a lookup if you tell me the Page # and Head of Household as listed in the table below. 


Heads of Household


U. Stone, ? Kreps, A. M. Engle, E. Goodwin, W. W. Barker, C. F. Tichter, J. E. Youman, W. R. Stewart, A. W. Deal, W. A. Eavens, C. H. Runge, D. M. Beaty, J. M. Proctor, J. ? Goodwin.


J. ? Goodwin [cont.],.S. E. Burt, May Russell, A. E. Benson, [unreadable], N. Proctor, Calvin Proctor, C. Lyton, C. Gillespie, J. L. Jackson, E. McEwen, R. L. McEwen, J. C. Page, G. A. Kreps, J. McCain.


J. Higdon, W. Dinnick, A. Steele, ? Ferguson, M. Ladd, M. Dounly, Joe Lee, Charles Gokey, Silas Shaw, H. B. Blackford, H. E. Cooper.


H. E. Cooper [cont.], Clark Walker, Salem Lance, John Barber, Bert Nichol, Isaac Rogers, Frank Spell, John Spell, Malinda Jackson, Robert Larkin, J. L. Starkey.


John Shaw, Amos Woodard, W. Schell, J. Williams, W. A. Atkin, Jim Bell, John Lillard, Ben? Lillard, Frank Lee, Wm. Nichol.


Wm. Nichol [cont.], Robert Harris, Jim Whitt??, Charlie Gray, Peter Foster, Abraham Blackford, Charles Lloyd, S. Norman, J. W. Smith, Andrew Adams, Henry Williams, Fannie Rous, I. C. Jones, Irven Nichol.


Irven Nichol [cont.], Forrest Hughes, C. Clark, ? Franklin, R. L. Canada, A. V. Paine, Nancy Ragan, Henry Waterfield, James Elam, Levi Allen, D. Jones.


D. Jones [cont.], G. L. Sim??, E. Shelton, A. Helman, B. Cox, W. H. Bax??, J. Strickland, W. Marvel, P. M. Marvel, C. C. Holmberg.


C. C. Holmberg [cont.], A. Goodwin, J. E. Cooley, H. Driggs, Ala Driggs, C. C. Pkall, William Wright, Wm. Kennedy, H. M. Dorman, [unreadable] Lou Woodard.


E. Williams, W. J. Labron, J. Labron, O. I. Bailey, A. Combs, John Woodard, Sandy Smiley, Geo. Burke, W. Jones, Wm. Benson, George Parks.


Henry Parks, Edgar Simpson, L. A. Nicole, W. J. Allen, John Butler, S. M. Truax, David Nichols, ? ? Lofton, M. C. Kyle, Albert Winston, [unreadable].


[unreadable, cont.], J. D. Kitterman, Jim Hancock, C. H. Little, James White, P. Bramen, L. Holmes, W. M. Mitchell, W. J. Colley, John Wood.


? Wood, D. B. Weaver, B. M. Mitchell, J. S. Baxter, ? Strickland, J. Compton, R. McDaniel, ? Kimb??, E. Chitwood, C. A. Stevens, D. B. Kennedy, ? W. Kennedy, John Bennett, J. Massey.

119B J. Massey [cont.], John McCaffrty, F. McCoy, Sam Parnell, Thomas Adams, B. Ragon, J. Jamison, ? Wood, W. L. Ragan, J. Shields, J. L. Johnson.
120A J. L. Johnson [cont.], M. C. Barnes, W. I. Lopp, H. ? Lopp, ? McCaffrty, L. C. Aubert, R. L. Trotter, H. A. Trotter, A. J. Canada, M. M. Raney, W. H. Tharp.
120B W. H. Tharp [cont.], A. H. Daniels, Silas Thompson, J. E. Ewing, J. A. Ewing, M. Henderson, Ben Taylor, Lige Taylor, John Witt, W. Bartling, T. C. Welch, J. T. Welch, I. M. Cooper, G. F. Henney.
121A G. F. Henney [cont.], Ed Rushing, A. J. Legg, J. S. Hager, W. Albright, John Finley, F. A. Beebe.
121B J. ? Stein, ? E. Sharp, Lewis Salyer, W. Masoner, E. Lawrence, D. L. Tharp, D. L. Farrer, C. C. Ramsey, W. E. How, ? Trent, J. W. Goyer, G. W. Robertson, I. T. Wilson, ? Williamson.
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