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Last Updated on 5/25/2003
By Sharon McAllister

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Deep Fork Township

Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

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About Deep Fork Township

Deep Fork Township (T14N-R1W) is in northeastern Oklahoma County, part of the Unassigned Lands opened by the Run of '89. Its eastern boundary is the Indian Meridian, its southern boundary runs just south of Lake Hiwassee, its western boundary is about 1 mile west of Arcadia, and its northern boundary is the Logan County line.

Present-day landmarks include the town of Arcadia, in its southwestern quadrant, and nearby Lake Hiwassee. The old Coon Creek community (never incorporated) spread over its northeastern part.



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Logan Co.: Springer


Logan Co.: Springvale


Logan Co.: Iowa




 Deep Fork









Genealogy Links

Because the eastern border of Deep Fork Township is only 3 miles from the town of Luther, and many of the earliest families in Luther Township were related to those who had already come to the area when the Unassigned Lands had been opened, my Area Study quickly included many Deep Fork Township families.

Deep Fork Homesteaders

Compiled mostly for reference so this includes some for whom we have no further information posted, but it does serve to place these individuals in the area during a specific time period.

Census/Land Worksheet Correlation of homestead locations, 1890 census, 1900 census, and 1907 land ownership map.

Founding Families

Genealogy reports for families who were in the area during Territorial Days. Because there were so many marriages across township and even county lines, these are linked as a single set instead of divided by Township.

Index to 1900 Census

Heads of Household on each page for Deep Fork Township.

Sweat Cemetery Shown on the topographical map as Sweat, but known locally as the Friend or Atteberry cemetery because most of those buried there belong to one of those families.
World Connect Project I have uploaded my GEDCOM for this entire area study.  You can go directly to my database, smc, and consult its index or use the link at left and its global search feature to find information contributed by others who are researching area families.




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