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Last Updated on 3/14/2004
By Sharon McAllister

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Luther Township

Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

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About Luther Township

This Area Study includes some geography and history as well as genealogy, because these subjects are often hard to separate.

Luther Township (T14N-R1E) is in the northeastern corner of Oklahoma County, but this study spreads out to take in portions of southeastern Logan County and western Lincoln County because county lines are not barriers to love and marriage.

The portion of Luther Township to the north and west of Deep Fork was in the Iowa Lands, which were opened for homesteading in 1891. The southeastern portion was in the Kickapoo Lands, opened in 1895. On its western border were the Unassigned Lands that had been opened in 1889. Many of the original homesteaders had ties to the families who had already settled there, so this study also extends back in time.

Luther itself wasn't founded until 1898, after the St. Louis - San Francisco railroad (known locally as the "Frisco") came through, although there were many small communities in the area before that and several Post Offices. The railroads were a major factor in the growth of the area.

The Frisco came in from a bit north of east, passing through Chandler, De Bolt, Warwick, Wellston and Hibsaw before getting to Luther and then going through Poole, Ludlow, Jones, Munger, and Spencer on its way to Oklahoma City.

The Missouri Kansas and Texas (locally known as the "Katy") later came in from the northeast, passing through Cushing, Agra, Tryon, Anderson, Carney, Partridge, and Fallis before getting to Luther and then going through Arcadia and Witcher on its way to Oklahoma City.

On some old maps, the two railroads appear to meet at Luther.  They did pass rather close, but did not cross and never shared a station.

Schools on the the 1909 Topographic map include:  Lane/Lain (on the southeast corner of Section 2); Clayton (on the northern edge of Section 8);  Arbuckle/Servado (on the northwest corner of Section 9); Hogg (on the northern edge of Section 11); Sunnyside (on the southeast corner of Section 20); Croslin (on the western edge of Section 21); and Parker (on the northeast corner of Section 26).




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Logan Co.: Springvale


Logan Co.: Iowa


Lincoln Co.: Tohee


Deep Fork

T14N-R1E Luther


Lincoln Co.: Wellston






Lincoln Co.: Bryan

Genealogy Links

The Luther Area Study has been expanded considerably, and will eventually replace the old "Sharon's Place" on the Oklahoma County GenWeb site. While the new version is being checked out, you have your choice of versions to visit. There are also some links (below) that pertain to only Luther Township.

Sharon's Place

Originally created for Luther and Deep Fork Townships by Marti Graham-Cripps on the Oklahoma County GenWeb site, this has been expanded to provide not only more information Luther Township and its families, but also to cover more families from surrounding townships (including those of neighboring Lincoln and Logan Counties).

Founding Families

Genealogy reports for families who were in the area during Territorial Days. Because there were so many marriages across township and even county lines, these are linked as a single set instead of divided by Township.

World Connect Project I have uploaded my GEDCOM for this entire area study.  The database name is smc-ok, but I suggest that you use the global search feature because there are a number of other researchers who have contributed information about area families.

Luther Families in 1900

Compiled from the 1900 census, and is therefore over twice as long as the List of Homesteaders. It also include links to any available reports. This is the best list to use of you are looking for townsfolk.

Luther Homesteaders

Compiled from Federal Land Tract Records. It includes some for whom we have no further information posted, but also includes links to any available reports. This is the shortest reference list, and the most convenient if you are sure the people you are looking for were homesteaders.

Luther Land Ownership

Compiled by combining information from the Federal land Tract Records, the 1900 census, and a 1907 ownership map and covers all of Luther Township. Quite detailed for the part of the township that was in the former Iowa Lands.

Valley View / Luther Cemetery

Pictures and an article about Garnettville's Valley View Cemetery, which is now known as the Luther Cemetery.

Valley View / Luther Cemetery

Not a traditional survey (although it does include information gathered during a 1963 survey), but a list of all burials I know about. Some of the oldest ones are probably missing. In the 1950s, many of the old stones were damaged by an earthquake and while most were repaired or replaced some were apparently discarded. It does include information on many burials from 1963 to the present, gleaned from sources like obituaries and memorial cards.

World Connect Project I have uploaded my GEDCOM for this entire area study.  You can go directly to my database, smc, and consult its index or use the link at left and its global search feature to find information contributed by others who are researching area families.

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