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Topographic Maps


The old topographic maps provide two valuable types of information for which you can request a lookup: 

  1. Locations of long-gone schools   If you have the name and need the precise location, just give me an approximate location like the name of the closest town.  If you can describe the precise location of ruins, I can usually find the name of the school. (These are online, if the link below is clickable).
  2. Locations of the homesteaders' dwellings.  If you can supply the land description (quarter, section, township & range) I can give you the approximate distance of each dwelling from the nearest section lines.


Quadrangle Date General Area
Agra 1906 Northern Lincoln and Southern Payne Counties
Chandler 1905 Eastern Lincoln County
Drumright 1906 Northeastern Lincoln, Southeastern Payne, and Western Creek Counties
Edmond 1933 Northern Oklahoma and Southern Logan Counties
Luther 1909 Oklahoma County:  All of Luther and Dewey Townships, part of Elk.  Logan County:  Part of Iowa Township. Lincoln County: All of Wellston and Bryan Townships, part of Tohee and Kickapoo.
Maud 1907 Southern Pottawatomie County


Eastern Cleveland and Western Pottawatomie Counties
McLoud 1907 Southeastern Oklahoma, Northeastern Cleveland, and Western Pottawatomie Counties
Moore 1934 Southern Oklahoma and Northern Cleveland Counties
Norman 1934 Southwestern Cleveland and Northeastern McClain Counties
Perkins 1907 Eastern Logan, Western Lincoln, and Southern Payne Counties
Ripley 1929 Eastern Payne County
Shawnee 1907 Northern Pottawatomie and Southern Lincoln Counties
Stroud 1906 Eastern Lincoln County, Southwestern Creek, and Northwestern Okfuskee Counties
Yale 1929 Eastern Payne and Western Creek Counties

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